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Feature Selection in Multi-Modal Biometrics
Transaction Security, Inc
Feature Selection & Definition in a Biometric System with Many Possible Author Rod Beatson President, Transaction Security, Inc. 919-372-1849 Introduction Typically, in a biometric system there are numerous features that can be extracted from the raw sample data. Where a multi-modal system is possible, the feature options expand significantly and it is the task of ...
Science Behind Passfaces
Passfaces Corporation
Significant research has been conducted regarding the brain's ability to recognize faces. To a great extent the purpose of these studies has been to create electronic devices that emulate the brain. In doing so, faces could be used as identifying factors for biometric security systems. Like many functions of the brain the process is more complex than one might first think. It turns out that the ...
A Cloud Security Poem: The SPYder and the Guy
Access Smart, LLC
The world is abuzz about the cloud. Articles are written daily about how cloud computing with lower IT costs, increase revenues and make employees more productive. However, there are an equal number of articles warning about the security risks, liabilities and data mining of customers. Read a whimsical poem based on the “Spider and the Fly” that warns of the security side of the cloud.
Can Contactless Smartcards Support PKI?
Access Smart, LLC
Contactless smartcards are very popular for physical access control and electronic cash. PKI is often discussed as the best way to authenticate individuals to computer networks. Read whether or not PKI security will work on the current contactless smartcards.
Case Study: El Camino College Police Department (ECCPD) Deploys Power LogOn
Access Smart, LLC
Law enforcement needs to implement the new Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security policy. Read how El Camino College Police Department addressed their need for a secure password manager for Windows authentication using smartcard technology.

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Cyber Attacks - Did someone remember to lock the front door? Access Smart, LLC When it comes to network security, there are two types of companies: Those that have been hacked, and those that don't know they have been ...
Introduction to Access Smart Access Smart, LLC Information security begins with cyber authentication. Cyber authentication begins with cyber access contol by Access Smart.

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