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Advantages of magnet generators over wind turbines
Stanford Magnets
Advantages of magnet generators over wind turbines Let's be honest, wind turbines are truly stunning. They give a consistent wellspring of renewable, green force utilizing simply the undetectable power of the wind. Its little ponder that they are growing up in colossal numbers everywhere throughout the nation. Then again, they are not without their issues. For a beginning they have a tendency to ...
Benefits and advantages of vertical access wind turbines
Stanford Magnets
Benefits and advantages of vertical access wind turbines One misstep we make is not looking for new plans in old engineering. New outlines are made in light of the fact that old ones have gotten unsatisfactory. When we hear or see a main story on a subject we think we know a ton about, we flip the page or happen to the following point. Numerous individuals who think they know a considerable ...
China Intensifies Economic Instability of Neodymium Magnets In Motors
Stanford Magnets
Stanford Magnets China Intensifies Economic Instability of Neodymium Magnets In Motors Neodymium - one of the so-called rare earth metals - is an important element necessary for producing very strong permanent magnets. With a growing tendency for electrically powered automobiles magnet efficiency has become key to manufacturing high-powered electric motors. ...
Electricity Controls Magnetism
Stanford Magnets
MIT researchers have come up with a new way of controlling the movement of magnetic domains. The main breakthrough in this development is that it can be used in systems of memory that are magnetic for example the hard disks in computers With this method there is less use of energy for writing and maintaining information stored. This could actually bring about power data storage that requires ...
Eliminating Depression Magnetically
Stanford Magnets
A freshman in college, Meghan McGill was no longer interested in her favorite activities; reading and dancing. She missed out on many classes and got disqualified from the university. Six years later, a psychiatrist puts her on medication but nothing happened. This is what happens to many people who suffer from depression. They take antidepressants but there are no positive changes to smile ...

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